Royal Australian Mint

The Royal Australian Mint prides itself on producing high-quality coins commemorating significant national anniversaries or celebrating what makes our country unique. While they display a denomination, these coins are not intended to be put into circulation and are worth a lot more than their face value.

Our proof coins are our flagship products, exquisitely crafted from hand-polished gold and fine silver blanks, the dedication and care that is bestowed on each coin from its inception is evident in our breathtaking final product.

Our status as a world-class, technologically superior mint can be seen in our product range, which often features colour printed, selectively gold plated and uniquely shaped coins.

Our coins cover a wide range of themes, and if you’re a sports fan, nature lover or a history buff, chances are you will find something that interests you in our product range.

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Christmas Coin Decoration 2020 50c Uncirculated Coin

Christmas Coin Decoration 2020 50c Uncirculated Coin

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